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Belltown Fire by Paridon Williams

Paridon Williams - 50 Ways To Help

Firemen and Paramedics save lives everyday … literally. Every time an atrocity happens the firemen are given a huge amount of applause for their brave efforts, but they are brave every day because that’s how they do life. It doesn’t take a disaster for there to be an emergency on life; emergencies happen every day and small or big our firefighters answer the call and handle every situation as if it is the most important thing of the day because in their mind the task at hand is what is most important.

There are some jobs that you can’t just look at the clock and say it’s time to go home and it takes a special kind of person to commit their life to that kind of schedule. A lot of regular people work 40 hrs per week; a lot of firemen work 40+ straight hours a week without going home because some things can’t just be walked away from until the job is completely done … now that’s commitment!!

They are never called to take a life, arrest, or anything outside of helping; they’ve dedicated their own lives to saving lives. They are called “Fire Fighters” because that’s their specialty but they are highly trained and skilled in saving lives facing countless amounts of situations; from any kind of home, play, auto, or work, accident, to sicknesses, sudden life threatening situations, burn victims, rape victims, assault victims, swimming and water play happenings, and an eclectic amount of other life threatening situations.

Firefighters and Paramedics save lives and in the event of anything further, Emergency Rooms and Hospitals take it from there. Whatabeautifulthing!!

This letter is for but not exclusive to “Station #2 @2320- 4th avenue in the Belltown Seattle community”.

I live in a building where the mentality of every happening is an emergency and 5 out of 10 times when I hear the sirens I know you’re coming to this place. Each visit is handled with professionalism, emergency or not which is usually determined when you get here and you keep coming not taking any call for granite.

On the behalf of our residents and the entire Belltown community we’d like to thank you for everything that you do. Our solace is not just in knowing that you’re there but in any situation that you will come and do what you’ve committed to do. We thank and love you so much and are grateful to have you in our community.

Our Life is all we are because we are!!
Living Life, Teaches Life.

~ Paridon Williams
P.S. Please share this letter with all of your colleagues in Seattle and all over because I’m quite sure that other places feel and share this same message.