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Belltown Deli Fight

I was pretty excited to hear that the marination mobile had set up shop near the Northwest work lofts this afternoon. If I wasn’t stuck in Bellevue for the day, you can be sure that I’d be there getting the low down on their tasty taco treats.

However, it looks like a local deli would have none of it! (if you know who, e-mail me) and played the ever unpopular tattle tale. Marination Mobile is giving away free food in response for the rest of the day. Of course, donations to charity are accepted!

We’ll keep you posted on this escalating all out twitter deli war…

5 Comments on "Belltown Deli Fight"

  1. Boycott Deli Espresso & Mini Mart at 3161 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA

  2. I have tried Marination – love the concept and the food, though, aren’t there laws dictating where these mobile vendors can/can’t park & serve? Or is it a legal gray area? What if another Korean/Hawaiian truck pulled up next to Marination and sold the same food for 1/2 price? Wouldn’t MN be a little upset?

    Marination is not the first mobile food provider. Seems like it’s in Marination’s longer-term interest to know what it’s up against before pulling up to a location, no? Can’t we all get along?

  3. Right or wrong, the free food was delicious. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Saucy E (pronounced saucyyyyyy | July 28, 2009 at 3:24 pm |

    Thanks for the nod, BelltownPeople. Y’all are really on it!

    We had a friendly deal with the building where we parked, and they were thrilled to have us. We had no idea about an angry deli until, well, until we found out. Technically, he’s got a right to sing the blues. We’re totally sorry to anyone/everyone who planned on lunching with us on a regular basis at that location. Rats. But we LLLOVE the area and WILL find another home. One that is de rigueur, not de facto.

    But more importantly, today was GREAT! Everyone who came out was AWESOME! We made some dough for our Avon 3-day walk team Areola Borealis, and we didn’t have to throw out any delicious grub. We had an easy going afternoon chatting up stellar Belltown and QA peeps, the sun was shining, the vibe was chillin’, who are we to complain?

    Big props to Drew in the kitchen. The free food fest/fundraiser was his in-the-moment idea. Give him a high-five through the window next time you’re around! He’s super easy to spot. He’s the one who is male.

    Upward and onward!

  5. Your right, it shouldnt be labelled a food fight. That’s not what Marination is about. We are well aware of permitting issues, however, we thought that we had found a loophole that allowed us to vend in Belltown. We were wrong, and now we will follow leads for private lots or property.
    To answer your question, would Marination be upset if a Hawaiian/Korean truck pulled up next to us and sold food for a buck? Not at all. Its a free country, and with our current economic situation we would support a small business trying to provide affordable food options for Belltown employees.
    Your right, we can all get along. Thank you for reminding me of that 🙂

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