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Belltown contributes the most…

According to the recently released Seattle Ethics and Elections Comission report, Belltown leads all other Seattle neighborhoods in terms of contributions to local campaigns and initiatives.

What does that mean for the neighborhood?

  • We are filthy rich – Muuuhahaha.
  • Candidates are smart to be focusing efforts on improving this neighborhood.
  • Belltown is a sleeping giant in terms of political action.

I’m personally encouraged to see that the neighborhood is such a power player in local elections. Lets keep it up and continue our involvement in community organizations such as the Belltown Community Council.I’m looking forward to the next meeting on the 26th. It’s time we band together and demand the attention the neighborhood deserves.

thanks to CHS for the graph-age.

4 Comments on "Belltown contributes the most…"

  1. It’s Downtown/Belltown. I’m guessing most of that is from downtown business addresses.

  2. BedlamCoffee | August 18, 2009 at 2:21 pm |

    I disagree with Andrew S

  3. I always thought it was ironic that candidates had so many kickoffs and fundraisers in Belltown but can’t seem to find the area after the election.

  4. Belltown does have the most residents, right? Then, clump us with downtown and you get the business money, as stated above.

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