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Belltown Community Man to Watch Out For- Lee of City Hostel Seattle

Every time Jesse and I see Lee at City Hostel Seattle, we are welcomed like family.  I mean this guy is Mr. Hospitality. And it is genuine. I always get the sense that he just really loves what he does and loves being a part of this community.

He is a great example of someone investing in this neighborhood, and not just consuming it. He has kick started International careers for local artists who were given a room at his hostel as their canvas to create whatever they’d like. He lets bands stay for free as long as they do at least a 45 minute set for all of the guests at the hostel. He is involved with community building events such as the Belltown Founders Day Festival. And He has preserved the historic nature of his building while making it completely modern. 

He also has big plans for the future of the hostel. City Hostel Seattle is already known internationally, is in travel books, and is a creative paradise. Yet, he says that he’s only 60% finished with the project. All I can say is watch out, Seattle, for what Lee has in store! We are grateful to have had him, his wife and the City Hostel Seattle as a part of our neighborhood for a little over a year now and look forward to what the future will bring. Check out the iphone(sorry) pics below for a sneak peak of recently finished rooms……