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Belltown Burlesque…

Burlesque is back in Belltown and it is being properly revived at the Rendezvous’ Jewel Box theatre by Stripped Screw Burlesque.   


  The current show is titled “Disney after dark” and delivers a grown-ups only reimaging of very familiar characters.  Each performer undergoes a transformation from the public known to the private unknown.  In Cinderella’s case, this involves swapping her ballroom gown and slippers for a corset and knee high boots.  Another metamorphosis has Caption Hooker emerging from a crocodile like a butterfly losing her cocoon. Thumper also takes the stage for some rabbit-on-rabbit action to a techno beat of “Satisfaction”.   Even Eor the donkey makes a head turning and mind changing appearance.  

  Surprisingly, there are a lot of women in the small audience of 40 or so souls.  They seem to respond more to the feminist themes of self-expression and self-definition.   This burlesque is more about sexual iconoclasm and less about showing skin.   Indeed the revealing scenes have a blink-a-you’ll-miss-it delivery. 

  No photography is allowed.  Cameras would only distract from the inevitable intimacy of a Jewel Box performance.  This Burlesque is not what you think.  It’s more. 


  Tickets are very scarce to do the limited seating and great demand.   It is best to go online and get them as the door usually has a standby waiting list.   Future happenings at the Jewel Box can be found at their site