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Belltown Braces for Bunny Invasion!?

Unlike most Saturday nights in Belltown, the drinking crowd will be somewhat organized tonight as the 1


st Annual “Seattle Bunnarchy”.   This will be similar to “Santarchy” in December when people dresses up as Santa and go bar hopping along a preplanned route and schedule.   “Bunnarchy” will have people wearing rabbit ears and cotton tails etc.

  The Bunnies start their day in Pioneer Square at noon.   If any survive their migration north they are scheduled to arrive in Belltown at 8PMish.   The Bunnies will make their warren at Lava Lounge, Juju and Shorty’s.

Participants must adhere to Bunny etiquette.

– Your name is “Bunny” or “Baby”. We’re all a bunch of spring babies!

– The Bunny doesn’t mess with other Bunnies

– The Bunny plays nice with the public, especially kids. Smile & wave!

– The Bunny doesn’t have to like authority figures, but respects them.

– The Bunny is doing a lot of hopping so wear comfy shoes

– The Bunny will pay with cash at bars because it’s faster for all

3 Comments on "Belltown Braces for Bunny Invasion!?"

  1. My original post was incorrect. Tonight was actually the 8th “Bunnarchy” in Seattle. The previous seven were sort of speakeasy events and this one is the first mainstream Facebook event.
    Around 8 PM a few dozen Bunnies did begin to show up on 2nd Ave. They ranged from the simple Bunny Ear types to the more obscure Hefner, King, and Field Marhall bunnies. There were also a number of accompanying characters such as a “Fabulus Carrot” and a much less subtle six foot tall carrot with the words “Eat me” on it. There was also a Sea Turtle somehow referring to the Tortois and the Hare.
    On the whole the Bunnies were very friendly. However, I did hear of one being eighty-sixed from Juju. Shorty’s was also considered “Bunny Unfriendly” although I did see few there later on.
    And some bunnies who were really into the whole anarchy part of Bunnarchy chaffed at being anywhere at Noon and following a route with a crowd.
    I get the feeling this tradition will take hold and stick as people love to participate and be in on the event.
    In the future we can expect a Zombie themed pub crawl which is described as “Legit” by those in the know. There is also a Clown based thing which will remain underground and “Family”.

  2. Dave LeClair | May 9, 2011 at 3:46 pm |

    Next up is the Zombie Walk on July 2nd.

    And then there’s my Ninja & Pirate Pub Crawl on August 13th. 230 people have already signed up.

    To those who want to keep events underground, go ahead and do your own thing. But for as long as I live in this city, Santarchy & Bunnarchy will be open to everyone.

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