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Belltown Block Hosts NW Harvest Food Drive.

2nd Ave. between Bell & Blanchard is hosting a block wide food drive for NW Harvest. Donation locations are Concept One Apartments in the middle of the block, Cafe Casbah, Belltown Barber, Bedlam Coffee, Clever Bottle, Pintox, the Senior Center and the Humphrey Apartments. Please stop by one of these locations and donate. NW Harvest is a very good cause. There are many people in Seattle who do not have enough food and or food supplies. Please consider donating before April 14th which is the pick-up date.

Recommended items:

Infant and baby items – Baby formula, Canned milk, Infant cereal, Jars of baby food, Powdered or canned milk, and baby diapers.
General food items – Oatmeal, Whole grain pastas, Brown rice, Tomato products, Canned vegetables, Canned fruit (especially with low sugar, but not artificial sweeteners), Canned fish or meat, Shelf-stable milk, Beef stew, chili and similar meals with low sugar and saturated fats.
There are huge NW Harvest posters on the windows of the above listed donation locations. Thank you, thank you very much.
Any questions please contact