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Belltown Bike Shop Owner Arrested on Suspicion of Bike Chop Shop


Published today on the SPD Blotter, a Belltown bike shop owner has recently been under investigation, and a resulting arrest on suspicion of running a Bike Chop Shop. Below is a snip-it from the SPD Blotter post by .

Seattle police believe the owner of a Belltown bicycle shop has been wheeling and dealing with convicted felons to traffic thousands of dollars worth of stolen bikes through his store.

For months, detectives have been investigating Bicycle Pull-Apart, located near 3rd Avenue and Battery Street, after receiving tips that the shop was buying, rebuilding and reselling stolen bikes.

In March, detectives tied the owner of the shop to the suspicious sale of a $4,000 bike stolen from a Belltown apartment building in June 2013. In March of this year, police found records that showed the bike was sold to Pull-Apart within days of the theft.

If you are interested in reading the full posting you can click HERE to do so.

If you have any information that would help bring clarity to this, please contact the Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011.

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