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Belltown Arts Revue is Tomorrow – Free VIP Tickets Giveaway

The inaugural Sideshow, presented by Belltown Arts Revue, happens tomorrow night from 8pm-2am. This is a free event, but we’re giving away two sets of VIP tickets. Read on to find out more about The Sideshow and how to enter.

The Sideshow features local musicians, theatrical acts, burlesque and art, at four Belltown venues. Some artist and acts include Joe Vollan, Bingo, Alex Johnson, 179, Karma Bomb, God’s Favorite Beefcake, Carolina and The Long shots, Backbar Beauties Burlesque plus some secret guests, too!

The four participating venues are Clever Bottle, The Upstairs, Under The Needle Tattoo, and The Crocodile. While this event is free, VIP tickets are available for $10 and include food at each location plus drink specials. You can picj up the VIP Tickets at any of the four venues, however only a limited amount of tickets are available.

The Upstairs was kind enough to give us four tickets (two sets of two) to give to our readers! Here’s how you win (you can do both for two entries!):

We’ll pick two winners tomorrow (4/5) at Noonish, and the winning tickets can be picked up from The Upstairs.

You can follow Belltown Arts Revue on Facebook, Twitter or visit the website. You can also view the event invite here.

6 Comments on "Belltown Arts Revue is Tomorrow – Free VIP Tickets Giveaway"

  1. I’m a frequent patron of Clever Bottle and The Upstairs! I want to win!

  2. Going in support of our local artists!! 🙂 Looking fwd to this event, the art, muscicians, dancers, awesome bartenders/chefs, coctails/food, awesome venues – it’s all there! ~ Cheers

  3. I have never been to participating spaces and want to convince someone to come check them out with me via VIP ticket bribery.

  4. I’m a fan of all the venues and can’t wait to see at the local artists that are being featured! Love the tattoo artists at UTN especially! Unemployed I would enjoy some VIP love tomorrow!

  5. Congrats, Chris! You won!

    We’ll be emailing you shortly.

  6. Congrats, Amy. We had a third set of tix, and your name was drawn!

    Your tix will be waiting at The Upstairs, under your name.

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