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Belltown Arrest

There’s been a lot of major news coverage regarding the forceful arrest in Belltown early Sunday. There’s a lot of speculative opinion that one could jump to. I’m trying to keep an open mind and not make any assumptions. In any case, this looks like a tragic story that really doesn’t have any sort of silver lining. I do however find it extremely distasteful that the family and news outlets are now publishing photos of the man on life support. I can’t imagine he was able to offer his consent and this seems like human opportunism at its worst.

PI – Conflicting accounts of when deputies identified themselves in Belltown chase

PI – Deputies after wrong man in chase that ended with him seriously injured

Times – Man seriously injured in arrest in Belltown early Sunday wasn’t involved in a crime

Most major news outlets are waiting for the actual arrest video to be released. Apparently the entire episode was picked up by the survellience cameras located around the Cinerama.