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Belltown 6 Years Ago: Club Brawl, Double Amputee Shoot-Out.

Took some time to check out the Belltown Messenger Archives and spotted this gem from the time capsule;

What started out as your usual suburban twentysomethings flooding into Belltown to partake in an evening of debauchery, ended in a crime scene more dramatic than the usual Saturday night car prowl. Around 3 a.m. on August 21 an argument apparently broke out between two parties trying to simultaneously exit the parking lot in the 2200 block of Western Avenue (very close to the Messenger world headquarters). Faster than you can say, “action,” according to Seattle police and local press reports, a man with no legs in a Chevy Impala specially designed for handicapped drivers, shot two passengers in the opposing car. This, we assume, allowed said suspect to exit the parking lot first.

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We can extrapolate a couple things here; the club violence and people “acting a fool” after getting all liquored up is pretty much a fact of living in a city with a boisterous nightlife scene. Yes, police need to police. The argument could be made that we need more of them. However, as a flashback like this can show us, the problem has been here long before the army of condos were arisen.

One other thing – nighttime violence seemed to have a more cinematic flair back in the “good ol’ days”. Seriously? A guy with no legs shoots up the place then leads police on a high speed chase? I can’t say I’ve even seen something so ridiculous in the movies. Bravo.