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Belltown 36 – 314 Bell Street – 3028930-LU Commuity Preferred Option Needs Your Support

Belltowners – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Even though the developer spent 60 hours meeting with the Belltown community and incorporated almost all of the Community’s requests, the Early Design Review Board did not approve the Community Preferred Option 3.

The process now moves to the Master Use Permit phase and we need your help in requesting that the DRB include the Community Preferred option in the Master Use Permit review.

Please copy and e-mail the below to Seattle Department of Constructions and Inspections at;;;;

Dear Mr. Torgelson,

As a result of some irregularities (summarized below) in the Early Design Review process, I am requesting the Developer/Architect be allowed to add Option 3 – the Commuity Preferred Option – to the Master Use Permit application.

The Early Design Review process was implemented for the very purpose of allowing variances requested by the community. The particular parcel will have a MAJOR IMPACT on BELL STREET PARK – a nationally recognized street park. The developer/architects met for 60 hours with the community and the Seattle Parks and Recreation department to create a building that was acceptable to the community.

The early design review process failed to:

  • Hear the Commuity accurately or at all
  • Did not adhere to Best Practices creating significant confusion for Applicants
  • Have City of Seattle participation in Design Review meetings

Based on the overwhelming community support for Option 3 – community preferred design, the Belltown community respectfully requests that the Design Review Board not take the easy way out again and reconsider Option #3 – the community preferred design, allowing the departures needed to meet the community needs that meet the neighbors’ concerns and unique conditions of the neighborhood – Bell Street Park and adjacent building natural lighting under B-1, B-2, B-3, C-1, C-6, D-1, D-2, D-5, and D-6.

Please allow the Developer/Architect to submit Option 3 in tis Master Use Permit so the Design Review Board can reconsider the Commuity option.

Thank you,

Let’s make sure the City listens to Belltown!