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Bell Street Tree Removal

As part of the “Bell Street Park” project, the city is planning to remove 46 trees from Bell Street.  Their reasons for doing so include improper drainage, lighting conflicts, sidewalk intrusion and cost now vs. cost later.  The way I’m reading the project description makes me feel like these are dubious reasons and the removal is for aesthetic purposes only.  The interference of the current trees with the “curbless” design of the park is mentioned.  The park designer has also described wanting a replacement of the trees so that there would be a better “tree canopy.”  These trees are currently only halfway through their life expectancy; none of the reasons seem significant enough to warrant the removal of so many trees.  The City claims it will plant 105 new trees but that appears to be the total number of trees they will plant with the funds from a 2008 levy; that doesn’t spell out how many trees will be replaced on Bell Street.  105 doesn’t make sense — they can’t plant that many on Bell Street.  If you feel that the trees should be left in place, PLEASE contact the Project Manager, Patrick Donohue, by tomorrow’s response deadline:  or 206-684-9286.

A description of the project can be found here:

3 Comments on "Bell Street Tree Removal"

  1. Yeah, I get why people don’t why trees removed, but when the current trees were planted – Belltown was not what it is now. The city arborist, Nolan, is awesome, and he knows his stuff. Trust him. In fact, call him, email him:

    Also, these trees are almost dead anyway, breaking up the sidewalk, drains, affecting infrastructural and buildings.

    And for those who want to form their own opinion:

  2. M. Mcalpin | May 11, 2011 at 9:31 am |

    I’ve been to a few meetings. I say let the city go ahead and remove them. New trees will be just as nice.

  3. Are you serious? It took some serious teeth pulling to help this street and get this park going. The last thing we need is someone trying to stall the design and the park because of a couple trees. Wow. Just wow.

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