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Bell Street Park Boulevard: PASSES

The City Council voted to unanimously approve the Bell St. Boulevard proposal during today’s Full Council meeting. This is great news for the neighborhood. It’s encouraging to see the city recognize Belltown as an area that requires additional civic investment.

The approval was widely thought to go through. It is after all, election season. That means Mayor Nickels and Jan Drago will be on their best behavior. The neighborhood now needs to focus on the planning process. If you would like to have a say in how this park will take shape, get involved by attending Belltown Community Council meetings or even by posting your thoughts in the comments section of this lowly blog.

I want this site to be an outpost of citizen opinion and will do my best to represent those views to the people who will be making some of the decisions. So, have at it Belltown and let me hear it!

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  1. hey when is art walk i am hearing 2 different fridays? thanks anyone who can clear this up for me!

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