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Bell Street Park Boulevard Community Meeting TOMORROW!

Belltown: Its time to invest in the future of your neighborhood. Bring your Ideas to the Bell Street Park blvd Community Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday November 10 th, 2009. This is our neighborhood, so let’s own it.. Invest some interest in  this park and its capacity to help shape our community. Ask yourself what things would you like to see in this park? What ideas do you have that could increase visitors to the space (more people around=less shady activities)? What aspects of Seattle culture could be incorporated to make this space different than just a typical park?

November 10, 2009
7 – 9 p.m.

SAM Olympic Sculpture Garden

The PACCAR Pavilion

2901 Western Avenue

See you there!

2 Comments on "Bell Street Park Boulevard Community Meeting TOMORROW!"

  1. I moved to Belltown so that I could live in an increasingly sustainable urban environment without a personal vehicle. I moved here so that I could live my practical ideals and have less of a negative impact on the environment. I did not move here for the concrete, as some traditional citizens have suggested the new residents have. I hate the concrete and most of the boring architecture that pales in comparison to other cities. People my age, in their mid-20s and younger, will have to live in this God-forsaken environment long after you old people are dead, and all you seem to care about is your convenience, as if it is convenient for me to walk with 40 lbs of groceries hanging from my shoulders for a mile and a half just so that I can be green and breathe up all the nasty exhaust you throw in my face as I walk along Denny. This boulevard shouldn’t allow any parking. The city should find a way to make a space that is exclusively a park and not a political product that tries to satisfy the traditionalists. These times call for bold action.

  2. I think the Park Planners and Architects are behind your sentiments in terms of reducing parking.

    A lot of businesses and residents depend on parking, so there has to be some type of balance.

    But, I do agree with your sentiment that this project will require bold action! I encourage you to attend and speak your mind. There are people that agree with you and would support your effort!

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