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Belltown Beats: Music + Art – July 28th

Join the artists takeover of Bell Street at 3rd Avenue this Friday night from 6:00-8:30! 

Belltown Beats: Music (6:30 – 7:45 pm)

Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park (6:00 – 8:30 pm)

This year Julius Brandon, David Gould, Dylan Enright, Shurvon Haynes, Emma Johnson, Esmeralda Hernandez, Ethan Jack Harrington, Hannah Gorder, James Doppelhammer, Joyce Taylor, Julius Brandon, Karen Sutherland, Kellie Shepherd Moeller, Lindsey Willar, Paul Kuniholm, Sarah Zimmerman,  and Shirley Sing create amazing art while you watch.  Please ask the artist about their process – encaustic, acrylic paintings, fiber art, woodburning, collage, charcoal drawings, and much, much more.

Community Art Table

Make your own ART in the PARK….

All Ages are Welcome




Weekly preview of two artists…

Music for July 28th

Judd Wasserman  

Judd Wasserman is a performing and touring musician and music educator based in Seattle.  Performance, etc highlights – Supporting artist: Lights “Siberia Acoustic” tour at Neptune Theater in Seattle, and Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR.   Triple Door and Teatro Zinzanni with Mike Musburger (Fastbacks, Posies), and Ty Bailie (Katy Perry).  Musicares events with Andrew Mckaeg (POTUSA):  Prince’s “Sign O The Times” Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” Performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” for DESC’s short film directed by Scott Schaefer (Bill Nye, Arsenio Hall, Maury Island Incident).  Judd performed for the film, “Kurt Cobain About A Son” and recorded audio included in film score by Ben Gibbard and Steve Fisk.  Produced, engineered, and mixed The Pasties “Bikes Are Sexy” LP, The Oly Mountain Boys (s/t)  Composed “Rank and Thistle”, commissioned and performed by Pacific Rim Percussion Ensemble Composed for Saint Helens String Quartet

Artists from Prior Weeks

Shurvon Haynes and Julius Brandon

The creative art process of Shurvon Haynes and Julius Brandon is all about working together to create a remarkable piece of artwork. Julius typically has the general idea while Shurvon brings this concept to life with her talented drawing skills. They both have a love for vintage fashion designer styles which makes their collaborative efforts worth its ECCENTRICITY!





Music for July 21


As The Quad wrote: Alberta is not your typical blase indie soundtrack.  A relatively seasoned musician, his most recent project plays up a raw, unedited sound, mixing a folk/Americana vibe with chill yet quirky soundscapes to create a unique effect.  The refreshing aspect of Alberta’s music, though, is his diversity of sound, which still maintains a common thread that makes his music his own.  Artists like Alberta are a rare breed. The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez . . . all of the stars of years past got their start the way that artists such as Alberta are: by playing the music they love to play and welcoming those who want to hear it with open arms

Belltown Beats Joins Belltown Artwalk on July 14th

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As a young child, Fysah was nearly killed in a hit and run accident that took all of her mobility by putting her in a full body cast.  Her parents decided to take their then family of 9 from a fast paced city life in Seattle to pursue an organic farm-to-table lifestyle in Rural Texas.  No phones, television or radio, Fysah discovered her natural talent of singing by entertaining her parents and siblings.  The encouragement she received from her late Mother to keep singing no matter what sparked a passion for music that thrived even in a completely off grid upbringing.

After finishing most of high school in Texas/Oklahoma, Fysah was inspired by Seattle’s iconic music history and returned to her birthplace to pursue her own dream of music. She recorded her first album with the band 12th & Vine titled “Satisfied”, learned to play guitar and laid the groundwork for 2 additional independent albums in the Soul/Pop genre. Black Cherry Crush and How Lucky. All the while she continued writing music and traveling the globe performing for thousands of music lovers everywhere. Fysah just released her newest “Another Life” on March 4th, 2017.  This EP brings Soul back to an electronic world. Produced by Deelyle ( this collection is a break from the norm. Every song takes you on a different ride of emotion: urgency, captivation, disaster, Love and letting go. This breakthrough artist and collection of music is a must have on the electronic charts.

McKenna Mead

The multitalented daughter of a submariner and a knitter, McKenna Mead first picked up a crayon at nine months old and has never looked back.  She may have had trouble deciding whether to be a veterinarian or an animator when she grew up, but her love of art has stayed with her through her entire life.

More than anything, McKenna loves bringing a joy and a little whimsy into people’s hearts. This eventually led to her picking up a feather one afternoon in 2011 and painting her first picture on it. Since then, she has been juggling feather painting along with knitting and her animation homework. Her feathers- and McKenna herself- can also be found in the University District, hanging around with gargoyles, dragons, and a plethora of other fantastic beasts at Gargoyles Statuary.

Esmeralda Hernandez

Esmeralda Hernandez uses colored paper and magazines to create collages. These art pieces can be abstract or simple pictures using shapes.  She is a prolific artist who began creating art after a seven year bout with major depression. After being unsuccessful in pursuing her dream of becoming a special education teacher, she felt that she had nothing to offer. Being legally blind, Esmeralda sought guidance from volunteers at Vision Loss Connection in Seattle, WA, where she started exploring her ability to do art. Three years later, she collaborated with Vision Loss Connection participants to create The Braille Face Project installation at Mt. Baker Art Space Apartments. The Braille Face Project became a pivotal moment in Esmeralda’s life. She used it as a launching pad to begin doing collaborative exhibitions in the Seattle area and began taking classes at Path With Art, a local nonprofit organization. The arts remain a source of encouragement for Esmeralda, as she continues to use art to cope with depression and anxiety. Esmeralda believes that if art is done prayerfully and intentionally, it can result in healing for both herself and her audience.

RL Heyer (Duo)

Songs about life, love, and the effects of extreme drug use on the human psyche.  RL Heyer is a mixed bag of many styles, focusing on songwriting and crafting great arrangements of great tunes. While thought goes into each part played, there is still plenty of room for spontaneity and fire. A good mix of seriousness and lightheartedness…





David Gould

David Gould was born and raised in a family who’s sister and father were both artists.  He grew up in New York City and graduated form Teaneck High School in New Jersey.

After college, he moved back to New York City and worked at the Museum of Modern Art where he developed a love for photography and the early Masters such as Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen ad move recently Annie Leibowitz, Diana Arbus and Vivian Meier.

Although portraits lay the foundation for his passion, he enjoys a wide range of subjects including making shadow boxes and wire sculpture boards.


James Doppelhammer

James Doppelhammer is illustrator who studied at the Art institute of Seattle.


Kate Lynn Logan

Kate Lynn Logan is a prolific songwriter, Kate is an independent recording artist.  She’s shared stages with Shawn Colvin, Brandi Carlile, Bob Schneider, Peter Bradley Adams, and many others. And she’s no stranger to iconic Seattle venues, such as The Tractor, Neumos, The Fremont Abbey, The Crocodile, and The Triple Door.

Kate has released 6 studio projects, including the studio-based pop-rock duo, Back Bar Angel (with producer Kenny Scott, of Swirl360). Her sound further blurs the lines between pop, folk, and alt-country. The writing never stops; an album is always in the works.

Shirley Sing

Shirley Sing, a gritty, hardcore representational painter grabs her inspiration from Pollock and Basquiat.  Her new series combines violence and mayhem into a structural disorder of art.  They are painted from her imagination of ordinary people.
She has enjoyed painting from her early days in New York’s Lower Eastside-hobnobbing with friends old and new.  Shirley can recall those party-esque days as forgiving and fun.   Now with a new location and atmosphere, she paints her sadness and grief  into a free form of art.  A tribute to her dream of a peaceful world in a universe of good.
Shirley is a self-taught artist seen in many private collections- local and national.  She enjoys commissions, as well.  Presently, she paints from her studio located in Belltown.

Paul Kuniholm

Paul Kuniholm has operated his art studio at 2407 1st Avenue in Belltown for more than ten years.  He has participated in public art projects for the Seattle Parks Department (2005) and was a recipient of a City Artist grant from Seattle (2015).  Community engagement is a fundamental component of my artwork demonstrated over 20+ years of creating art and cultural experiences for the public.

I will create sculptures while working in Belltown Park for a range of consumers; $20-2700.  I have for the last several years been creating Unicorn sculptures.I have placed these public art sculptures with several city governments from Olympia WA to San Rafael CA.  For the Belltown Park summer project, I will create IRL community and extend into the interweb community by welcoming visitors to my booth to take a selfie with Bella, the Belltown Park Unicorn.  It will bring a friendly traffic to Belltown Park, shall we say, it will nurture a certain COMM-unicorn-ITY?  We can.

Kim Archer

Kim Archer is known for her raw, powerhouse performances, Kim Archer has attracted a large and loyal following of fans with her vocally-driven soulful rock and honest songwriting. Whether she’s playing a premier venue with her tight band, or an intimate club for a solo show, Archer never disappoints.  With guitar in hand she commands the stage playing her own original songs, or conjuring up a whole new vibe on vintage hits so that they sound fresh and wonderfully different.

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson was born and raised in the mountains of Arizona (contrary to popular belief, the state is not just sand and cacti) where she would spend her days either drawing and making stories with her little sister, or exploring the pine forests and creeks near her neighborhood.  Her earliest memories include watching Scooby Doo and trying to figure out how cartoons were made (fun fact: cartoons are made with the tears of animators) and drawing on the furniture. As long as she can remember, she wanted to be an artist; so when she finally escaped…er, graduated high school in 2014, she moved north to study Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Seattle.  Climate shock aside, Emma has enjoyed living in Seattle for the past 2 years; the city and its culture have offered new experiences and inspiration for her to absorb.

Ethan Jack Harrington

Ethan Jack Harrington has been painting professionally for 25 years.  He is primarily a plein air oil painter and can be seen around Seattle on a regular basis set up with his French easel painting views of local recognizable landmarks.  He is the owner and operator of Harrington Fine Art at 2513 5th Avenue in Belltown between Vine and Wall streets.

He is a regular ‘live painter’ and demonstrator for Era Living retirement homes.  I enjoy sharing my process with onlookers as I paint.  I have also demonstrated and taught workshops through Daniel Smith Art Supplies.  My most interesting workshop included hosting a group of student painters in Southern France several years ago.

Birch Pereira and Jason Goessl of Birch Goessl of The Gin Joints

Birch Pereira & Jason Goessl of Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints will be performing their own brand of swing/country/rock ‘n roll revival at Bell Street Park. Their sound takes any listener back to the speakeasy era, embodying an enjoyable sound of nostalgia. Having won the Emerging Artist award in the 2015 Earshot Jazz Golden Ear, Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints are a band to see and to dance to.

Lindsey Willar

My work is my therapy.  Being female and an athlete, I am hyper-aware of my body.  It was from this awareness and suffering two serious knee injuries that the idea that something grotesque could be transformed into something beautiful first struck me.  During one of my surgeries, I elected to use a donated Achilles tendon to repair my torn ligament.  This cadaver Achilles tendon started me on the path of self discovery.  I was curious about how someone’s body part was accepted by my body, how fast it became a part of me, and how the tendon replacement actually made my knee stronger.  So, the idea of taking something grotesque like hog gut and transforming it into elegant piece of jewelry was born from my knee surgery.  This concept of grotesque to stunning developed from this thought crating beauty from the inside out and adding to my understanding of the body’s regeneration.

My work is driven by process exploration. I find fulfillment and joy in making hundreds of samples of material interactions like mixing linen and latex and exploring how these materials interact together to form a skin-like texture or figuring out how to manipulate materials to express their most attractive qualities.  Or, the toughness of hog gut with the glimmer of rayon thread.  I also look to nature for structural inspiration.  Leaves and flowers possess the most astonishing skeletal structures, wiry and delicate, but in reality, they are strong and durable like my materials.  I enjoy the process of making art, starting with the research through crating material samples to the final piece.  I am going to keep pushing to see what new and exciting places it takes me.  My life experiences shape my inspirations that form the subject matter of my work.  This helps me understand who I am as a person and as an artist.

Karen Sutherland

Karen Sutherland is an encaustic painting and mixed media artist who captures images from the Pacific Northwest in a vibrant color palette.  She had a bachelors degree and juris doctorate from the University of Washington and also studied at the Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Pilchuck Glass School.  Karen shows her work in galleries in Seattle and Everett. Her work is also online at Sutherland Art Works.  She can be contacted at or 206-447-2241.

Adriana Giordano and Kiko Freitas

Described by one of the fathers of the bossa nova as “the biggest expression of Brazilian music in the U.S. today, a pianist and vocalist, Claudia Villela boasts an astounding five-octave range, a distinctive songwriting style, and a flair for risk taking that has earned her an enthusiastic following. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she sings mostly in Portuguese, and “is a supremely inventive scat singer, who has honed a vivid vocabulary of sounds that can evoke the hollow thump of a tabla drum, the muted trumpet of Miles Davis, the insistent twang of a berimbau, the ethereal call of a flute, or the distortion-laden Stratocaster licks of Jimi Hendrix.”


Full list of musicians below.