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Believe – by Paridon Williams

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You know … I know what I do, I have the confidence that what I do to enhance to the quality of life for those in my path is as right as it can be and of course there is room for a lot of improvement and those improvements will come with the improvements of my own life. I have no problem in accepting that I’m not always right, that there are a lot of things about my life that needs improvement, that there are some things that are beyond my reach, and a lot of things I know nothing about.

All of this has brought me to this conclusion; not only do I want and need to, I have to believe in you and you only have to trust in me. I don’t ask that you put your belief in me only that you dig into your soul and lend me some trust. This will be a collective effort to put into reverse a world seeming to be going “Mad”.

I know that it seems to be real bad out there but it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s just the bad gets all of the attention. In order for there to be bad there has to be good for bad to infiltrate, there is a whole lot of good.

Two times a month, pick two “Extra” random persons and just do something good for them, share something, tell them something good, tell them something you like about them, just do a simple good thing for two other persons or say something good that means something. I say extra because a lot of you do this anyway.

Tell two of your friends or people that you know to do the same and for them to also ask two people to do the same and for this to be repeated over and over without ever revealing who passed it to you. You cannot ask the person(s) that you do the deed(s) for.

A lot of the messages that I send out, people may think that they’re in some kind of way inspiring and/or encouraging but how often do most of you act on the intended encouragement, I believe that most of you do act and excuse me for momentarily doubting it. But now I need you to trust me, none of us want to experience what I have visioned … trust me it’s not good. I’m not asking you to believe that I may be able to see onto the future, I’ve only figured the possibility of what has the potential to be probable. I guess I spend so much time looking for the good (which I’ve seen a lot of) that I was beginning to develop a blind eye on the bad that happens literally right in front of all of us, and then I watched a couple of episodes of our local news and in paying close attention realized that the high waters has been long perpetrating our own doorstep. (The bad seems to be seeping through the insecure crevasses of what is good)

Perhaps it’s just a manifestation of my profoundest thoughts brought on by a recent tragedy in my own life, however I am asking that you prove me all of the way wrong, for you to believe that what may have been foreseen or visioned was simply because we have a team of people that will make sure it doesn’t get as horrible as what may have been calculated.

This message has a large amount of recipients, I don’t know how many in numbers and we’re not at all considered a group… indirectly, we’re all hopefully on the same team. We’re just a bunch of ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things. A bunch of individuals with ties only to what we choose to be tied to … if anything!! Most of us hardly even know each other and we’re definitely not a part of anything that suggests otherwise, we’re not teachers, politicians, preachers or anything else for the cause, we are mere examples, reminders that anyone can be a part of something bigger than themselves. Other than what we already do, this is just something else. For us, it’s just that simple!!

~ Paridon Williams
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