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Baconopolis wants nothing to do with you…

Baconopolis – sold out

If you’re a fan of bacon, then sit down. Tom Douglas’ baconopolis event at the Palace Kitchen  is sold out. Please…. control your despair and salty baconesque tears, because there’s plenty of other ways you can gorge your bellies this weekend. Here’s some alternatives.

4 Seasons – ART Lounge Mini-Burgers

Tan Vinh of the Seattle Times racks up some more bonus points with this week’s happy hour suggestion at the Four Seasons – ART Lounge.

The ART Lounge, 99 Union St., inside the Four Seasons Hotel, has happy hour 5-7 p.m. Sundays-Thursdays, when the “mini-burgers trio” and other bar food, beer, selected wine and cocktails all cost $5 (206-749-7070 or

These are the same mini burgers that made Cascadia a stable after work hang out spot. Try to limit yourself to 6 and be responsible. Know when enough is enough.

Serafina- Craft Bartending Exposed

Maybe you’ll just never get over the fact that you missed the bacon exposition? Well, there’s good news, you can cope by dilluting your sadness with a lesson in crafting the unique cocktails found on Serafina’s menu. Spaces are limitted for this one too, so if you’re into it… call for reservations.