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Back to school by Paridon Williams

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I remember when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to go back to school as a matter of fact I’ve always enjoyed going back to school at any age. I probably need to go back now, I wouldn’t mind but for now I’m alright. Let’s talk about you.

We are going to limit this to one topic, “First impressions”. I know a lot of people are saying or thinking that they are not at school to impress anyone. Your first impression doesn’t have to be impressive but if you’re looking for one or not, it’s going to happen even if you’re that person that kept to them self.

Maybe you’ve chosen a nice outfit or a nice hairdo; perhaps you’ve combined the two and added some accessories. That’s all good if you’re looking to be defined to your peers by your appearance which is Ok because you’re just trying to get the first week and bugs out of your system.

My advice … help someone else. Help someone with something or to do something, compliment someone, just make part of your going back to school be about others. School is a place to get educated but the only education is not just in the classroom; a large part of it is through the social camaraderie of you and your peers.

The newest gadgets for communication are cool but impressions are defined by real life acts; you want it to be about who you are and not what you have. That first impression isn’t exclusive to only your peers, it’s going to be with everyone you see that’s associated with school. Speak to those that make eye contact with you and as many others as you’d like, offer assistance to anyone (Use discretion) that looks to need it. Just do small thing to make other feel welcome, exchange names with a few people.

The inspiration for writing this came from something that happened this past weekend. Without getting into numbers or years, junior high for me was decades ago. I ran into an old schoolmate, I am so sorry I just could not remember this person for the world but she told me that we never exchanged names although we seen each other a lot. She reminded me of how I’d helped her up after she slipped and fell and that I didn’t laugh, she said that she was happy and impressed and also I was the first person to become friends with her handicapped brother. In my day junior high was 7th – 9th grade, I don’t know what it is now but she was in ninth and her brother and I were in seventh.

That first impression for her has lasted through two marriages and the advice she’s giving her “Grandchildren” going into junior high this year is to find someone to help and be kind to everyone!!

Some of my most vivid memories are those of others that helped me to get through when I was in need, I don’t remember the things all of I did for others but according to them, it was a lot.

You can’t ask for a better impression than that of a person that made a difference in someone else’s life and it’s really very simple because it’s those little everyday things that only takes you being yourself.

Enjoy yourself and remember the only one you really need to impress is yourself with top grades; everyone else will be astonished and proud!!

~ Paridon Williams

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