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Articles by Ronald Holden

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Alto Apartments sold for $62 million

The 17-story Alto Apartments at 3rd & Cedar Sts. in Belltown has been sold to a New Jersey company for the whopping sum of $62.3 million. The year-old building has 184 units, so the sales…

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Black Bamboo?

The Irish dive bar at 3rd & Bell known as Kelly’s is g-gone. In place of the smokey tavern, longtime hangout for Bud-drinking regulars, comes a “new Chinese restaurant.” A permit for remodeling has been…

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ET opens Tanaka San

Tanaka San (one word or two, doesn’t seem to matter much) is the official name, honoring Eric Tanaka’s contribution to the Tom Douglas restaurant empire. It’s a “modern American Asian restaurant,” newly opened in the…

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Lost Pelican is lost

Up on Capitol Hill, there’s a bar called The Lookout that has a great, west-facing view. Two months ago, owner Michael Forte opened a second spot at First & Battery, on the site of Scott Carsberg’s…

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Movie night at Henry & Oscar’s

Thirsty? There’s plenty of time for a cocktail at Henry & Oscar’s. And then, since you’ve got your party clothes on, it won’t be long until the lights go down and the picture begins. Right…

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New menu for Belltown Pub

What you’re looking at is an Alsatian-style Flammkuchen, a style of flat-bread pizza that’s not an overloaded buffet of sausage and tomatoes and cheese but a delicate, subtle snack to accompany a refreshing glass of…