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Artist Workshops in the Park – Belltown Community Center

MB 2Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park joined Sid Arthur at the Belltown Community Center for the Belltown ArtWalk

Rain caused the 2016 summer opening of the Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park to move from Bell Street Park to the Belltown Community Center joining Sid Arthur (the Center’s featured artist) during the Belltown ArtWalk, second Friday of each month.

Ask An Artist – the Artist Workshops in the Park is comprised of working artists who are creating works of art while explaining their ideas and techniques to interested Park visitors.MB 4

Thank you to the artist flexibility and the Belltown ArtWalk patrons who made the event a success.  Below are some of the artists who will be in the park this summer.

Emma Johnson – Emma Johnson was born and raised in the mountains of Arizona (contrary to popular belief, the state is not just sand and cacti) where she would spend her days either drawing and making stories with her little sister, or exploring the pine forests and creeks near her neighborhood.  Her earliest memories include watching Scooby Doo and trying to figure out how cartoons were made (fun fact: cartoons are made with the tears of animators) and drawing on the furniture. As long as she can remember, she wanted to be an artist; so when she finally escMB 5aped…er, graduated high school in 2014, she moved north to study Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Seattle.  Climate shock aside, Emma has enjoyed living in Seattle for the past 2 years; the city and its culture have offered new experiences and inspiration for her to absorb.

Jane Savard – Jane’s art encompasses the exploration of digital media and encaustics to explore various stylistic approaches for distinctive visual interpretations of everyday objects.  In addition to being an encaustic artist, Jane is an attorney in the Corporate Legal Department of a Fortune 100 company.  She lives and creates art in Belltown and organizes Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park.  If you are an artist and would like more information about Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park, contact Jane.

Joseph Krause – Joseph approaches making artwork as a continuous process.  Human features express intention in posture or facial expression. He introduces metaphysical humanistic or animalistic creatures that look familiar, but also incorporate something strange.  It is his goal to bend perception of ideas and emotions evoked when elements of familiarity combine with something completely alien.  Joseph uses napkins as a medium and likes to set up an interactive station where people could experiment with different techniques and see how they can be applied. A degradation set is a napkin with an ink image printed on, then cut along the lines to give you deMB 1grading copies of that image. Watercolors are also very useful in this method to create a theme or feeling for the image on the napkin. Utilizing images in other ways like cutting up and rearranging or pasting on wooden blocks to create 3D pictures could be interesting experiments for people to do.

Karen Sutherland – Karen Sutherland is a Seattle artist working in encaustic, mixed media, and blown glass. She has studied art and design at the Pratt Fine Art Center, the Pilchuck Glass School, and the New York Fashion Academy of Seattle.  Karen’s artwork is inspired by life above Elliott Bay and her travels through the Olympics, the Cascades, and the Palouse.  Karen shows her work in local galleries and online.  Karen is also the Chair of the Employment and Labor Law Practice Group at Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C. and is a licensed private investigator.

McKenna Mead – McKenna is the multi-talented daughter of a submariner and a knitter, McKenna first picked up a crayon at nine months old and has never looked back.  She may have had trouble deciding whether to be a veterinarian or an animator when she grew up, but her love of art has stayed with her through her entire life.  More than anything, McKenna loves bringing a joy and a little whimsy into people’s hearts. This eventually led to her picking up a feather one afternoon in 2011 and painting her first picture on it. Since then, she’s been juggling feather painting along with knitting and her animation homework. Her feathers- and McKenna herself- can also be found in the University District, hanging around with gargoyles, dragons, and a plethora of other fantastic beasts at Gargoyles Statuary.MB 3

Richard Osburn – Richard was born in Seattle and raised in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  After a multitude of service and maintenance jobs including 11 years in the military, he decided to come back to Seattle to pursue a career in the arts. Currently, Richard is working on a BFA in animation at the Art Institute.  His artistic background has been pretty random throughout the years, only more recently have he begun taking on art as a full time endeavor. The paintings in the past have been primarily watercolor.  Richard is currently working in acrylics..

Rosie Peterson – Freedom of thought and expression are Rosie’s primary focus in painting.  She captures a fragment of an unexpected story, a brief encounter with an unusual situation, or a strong emotion. Random thoughts and juxtapositions are more important than realistic renderings.  Rosie finds enjoyment and humor in a surprising moment or a puzzling scene.

Sarah Zimmerman – Hello, my name is Sarah Zimmerman and I am a 20 year old art student. I attend the Art Institute of Seattle, 2 years into the Media Arts and Animation program. I have taken art classes and worked on my own, favoring acrylic, watercolor, and sculpting, my whole life. Even though I’m going into a digital art job I would like to keep up traditional works and help keep the art world alive.

Owyn Dominick, a student at the Art Institute of Seattle, has taken over the reins for the Pianos in the Park project.  We are excited to see his team’s artist creations on the three pianos.  Thank you to Dean Petrich for donating and transporting the pianos.

You can find Artist Workshops in the Park in Bell Street Park every Friday from June 10th through August 26th from 6 pm until 8:30 pm.