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Another Belltown closing time ruckus….

Is it just me, or is it NOT a good idea for the police to let someone who fired a gun outside a packed club to walk away?

Read the full report at SPD Blotter

On 6/13/10, at approximately 2:30 a.m., shortly after bar close, officers heard a single gunshot come from the area just to the north of a night club in the 2200 block of Western Av.  According to the Club Security, they had been advised that a male who had just gotten into a red Cadillac had been armed with a handgun…

During the investigation, the male admitted firing one shot into the air.  He claimed that it was in response to two males who had been flashing their own guns, though there were no witnesses or evidence to support his claim…

The suspect was investigated and released at the scene.

What kind of precedent does this set? If I get a concealed weapons permit, I can start whipping out my gun and letting off a few victory shots just for the hell of it?

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  1. Yeah, I cannot believe they just let him go? Belltown is densely populated, especially when the bars close.

    Detroit (and I am sure many other cities) has an issue with celebratory gunfire on New Years Eve. The stray bullets need to land at some point. It’s amazing how many news stories you hear on New Years day where a bullet went through a car, a house, a person’s head, etc, just because someone thought it was a great idea to fire a round into the air.

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