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Amazon: So fresh and so clean

Probably the biggest news to hit the Belltown area this year; Amazon Fresh now delivers to Belltown. Before you OMG WTF YAY!!!, What does this mean for the local population? No more living off of the sundries found in local convenience stores? No more long treks up to LQA for the safeway? Is it really that safe anyhow? What is Ralph the grocer going to do? Do you think he can stock an even more ecclectic selection to compete?

If you like Cougars, be sure to check out Amazon’s current special… three packs of these delicious morsels of freshly baked goodness for fa-ree.

  • We are starting off by taking attended orders only which means you’ll have to be there when the delivery arrives
  • Our drivers will be making deliveries 7 days a week, but only between 2pm and 9pm
  • Delivery is free on any order over $75, but costs $5 between $30 and $74.99. If you get Big Radish status we’ll waive the $5 charge.