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All Bacon, All Day – September 19 at The 5 Point

When Kate Moss said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” we’re assuming she hadn’t yet discovered bacon. I assume the Food Network’s new TV show, “Crave,”  would agree. The latest episode, “Bacon: The Magical Meat Stick” is set to premiere September 19, at 8:30pm. The episode features Bacon Salt and The 5 Point Cafe is featured and used as a filming location.

On Monday, September 19, The 5 Point Cafe will be screening the new episode at 8:30pm. In addition, to celebrate all that is bacon, The 5 Point will be serving a bacon heavy menu all day!



Here’s the planned menu:


-Deep-Fried Roasted Jalapeno, Bacon, Cream Cheese Pillows with J&D’s Bacon Gravy

-Grilled Chicken Club with Baconnaise
-Chicken-Fried Bacon with Country Gravy
-Bacon Short Stack — our awesome pancakes with pieces of our thick sliced back in the batter!


-Bacon Bloody Mary: Our spicy Mary garnished with a piece of bacon, queen stuffed olives, pepperoncini, and a JD’s  Bacon Salt rim.
-Bacon-tini: 206 Vodka martini garnished with a JD’s Bacon Salt rim and a piece of bacon to make it complete!
-Defibrillator: Shot of Wild Turkey poured into 3/4 of a Miller High Life with a piece of bacon wrapped inside the    glass.

If you are a bacon lover but have plans Monday night, the episode will be airing again on Sept 20, 3:30am and September 25, 6:30pm. The Food Network can be found on channel 49 for Belltown Broadstripe subscribers or 35 for Belltown Comcast subscribers.