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A Thorough Review of Serious Pie

I’ve been having a personal debate about Serious Pie for some time now. Often, I get a craving for it – other times, I despise it. In my boredom I did a little searching for some through reviews and found one. A really thorough good one.

We’re adding CookinBetter to our blog roll.

Serious Pie is a busy happening place. Filled with market tourist, conventioneers, local fanboys, downtown dwellers, yuppie hipsters, and the Northwest downtown Seattle shopper. I would not call this establishment by any right a “local place”.

   Entering the door the place is set in cozy tones of wood, low ceiling and the smell of pizza. On display behind the hosts area are the refrigerated house cured meats. The dining arrangement is communal style which means your sitting side by side with strangers or fellow human. Be sure you’re open to that experience. I was happy to see the place had a diverse customer base of every color, shape and size. This is important to bring up because this web blog goes out to a realm of blog readers which may possibly view and judge the world differently of my own or others. A reader, to be a future restaurant guest may use those personal judgements in deciding what restaurant they will spend their hard earned money. Not to many people enjoy the insecurities of feeling foreign. Some restaurants can and will provide that emotion.  Serious Pie leans towards nobody, and is for everyone to enjoy. That is the vibe they give off. So as long you have no phobias of communal seating, (which I will go into later), go try it.

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  1. Greg Schuler | August 3, 2011 at 10:19 am |

    Hi, Jesse,

    The link to the Serious Pie review didn’t work for me.

    I’ve yet to try it mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to wait in line at noon and I do not live in Belltown so am not here in the evening. But people tell me it is very good.

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