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A Horrible Confession.

My name is Jesse. I write for the Belltown Blog. Last night, my wife and I wanted to go Christmas shopping. Instead of going downtown, we drove to Bellevue Square and had an awesome time. We parked for free. It felt great. I feel horrible, but I’ll probably do it again someday.

From TheNewsTribune

The city of Seattle is losing $500,000 a year on the city-owned Pacific Place garage as the number of users dropped during a slump in downtown shopping.

The Seattle Times reports the city council recently voted to take a $1.5 million loan from the general fund to keep the 1,200-stall garage open while a consultant helps figure out what to do.

The city agreed to build the garage in 1997 for $73 million to support the Pacific Place downtown mall. The city still owes $63 million on the bonds.

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