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A Belltown History Lesson…

Lydia Heard at the Seattle PI posted a great piece on the history of Belltown’s Cottages. I’d recommend you swing over for a read.

The Belltown P-Patch and the Belltown Cottage Park are joined at the hip, sharing a past and a symbiotic growth, through travails and triumphs, into the present where we can all enjoy them. In 1915 they were a single property owned by William Hainsworth, who built 11 cottages – “modern” cottages as they had an interior toilet and tub, as well as electric lights. They rented for $16-$18 per month and advertised, as well, that you could “save the car fare”, the price of riding the trolley from new outlying neighborhoods to the booming, bustling Denny Regrade and waterfront industries of the time.