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7-Blocks in the Heart of Seattle Set to Disappear – SIGNATURES NEEDED NOW!

Kill the Fill Signatures Needed Now

For More Information

Seattle Times 

  Danny Westneat (1-12-18) (1/21/18)
  Gabriel Campanario Seattle Sketcher (1-5-18 and 1–9-18

Seattle Transit Blog (12-13-17) When Can Public Infrastructure be Repurposed?
Next City (12-15-17) 120,000 Square Feet in the Heart of Seattle Set to Disappear
Crosscut (11-13-17) Oh the Possibilities
KING-5 report about Walk the Battery March 2017

 Global Case Studies:

Seoul: Social, Environmental and Economic Impact of Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration (Case Study)
London: “Down Street” Disused Tube Station (4-13-16)
Kansas City: Long Forgotten Tunnel (2-9-15)

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