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3 Reasons You Ought to give Ventana a shot.

Belltown recently welcomed Ventana to the neighborhood. Personally, I was a bit under enthused and managed to walk by this restaurant for the last couple months. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there just wasn’t really a compelling reason to venture inside. In fact, it always seemed like the place was near empty. Well, we decided to finally give it a shot last Friday night and were seriously blown away. We will be returning on a regular basis without doubt! Here’s our top three reasons why you really ought to give Ventana in Belltown a shot;

1) It’s pretty cheap. – swing by for a happy hour. It’s probably the best food on 1st during happy hour, and the cocktails are amazing. My wife and I were surprised to see how affordable the happy hour menu was. Ventana is now on my top 3 after work happy hour joints.

2) Get 50% off – Check out tumblr. If you buy $25 worth, you’ll get $55. Be quick, there’s only 3 lett.

3) Dinner was awesome – I can vouch for the NY strip – it was cooked to perfection. Trina had the spare ribs and they were so good she refused to share. We were feeling pretty unadventurous and tried the cheese plate (hard to jack up) and the truffled popcorn (yay, fun.)

4) Service was impeccable and the view is amazing. Tip, get there right around dusk, grab your pick of the tables, and watch the sunset over an appetizer.

Boom. FOUR reasons you ought to take that special someone out on a date and surprise them with a beautiful dinner at Ventana. Let me know how you liked it. Maybe we ought to throw a belltownpeople happy hour there sometime soon!

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