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2222 2nd Ave watch this space…The Rabbit Hole is coming.

Belltown will soon find itself home to its umpteenth bar.   This one will be called “The Rabbit Hole”.  I asked one the owners if the name was inspired by Lewis Carroll or Sigmund Freund.  The response I got was a grin and a chuckle.  Their goal is to make “an intimate neighborhood watering hole”.  This is ambitious, especially considering the already established competition vying to be that place in Belltown.

 In Belltown though, some bars just have a way of making it.   I remember when Shorty’s (next door) opened.   People thought “Pinball and Hot dogs in Belltown?” That was well over a decade ago and it has been going strong ever since.  There is also Buckley’s which although much newer seems like it always should have been here.   Two Bells has been at it so long they should mark the address with a plaque if it ever goes away.

  Bars are not successful by chance though and a Belltown address does not auto-magically make a place worthwhile.  It has everything to do with planning and management.  Know what you are doing and do it well.   And this is why The Rabbit Hole will likely be fitting into Belltown’s pattern for years to come.   The team behind it are the owners of the wildly successful “Bathtub Gin Company”.

  I had thought about trying to describe The Rabbit Hole using words like Rustic and Americana but I think it will really be about gathering together and that is an experience you will have to check out for yourself.  So watch this space and mingle in when it opens for business.

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  1. they have skeeball and Jessica has been part of Belltown for over a decade. It truly is homespun!

  2. to see a couple people who have been really successful in belltown already doubling down in belltown.

    this is really turning into a neighborhood with it’s own sustainable core of resident bars and restaurants rather than just a place people use on the weekends.

    i can’t wait to check this place out!

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