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“Yankee Pickney” at Theater Schmeater


The reviews are in!  This is a play you don’t want to miss!

In “Yankee Pickney,” solo performer Jéhan Òsanyìn mesmerizes her audience with tough stories and unexpected, gallows-humor comedy…. Brendan Kiley, Seattle Times
“Her storytelling feels organic but still intentional, like a seasoned performer.. .”Yankee Pickney” is endearing, bold, and honest”……Amelia Reynolds, Broadway World, Seattle
This is a poignant tale about real life in our times, told from first hand experience by a master story teller. You don’t want to miss this performance, this writing, this engaging piece of theater that deftly transports you into the past, present and future with grace and style.
Mining her personal adolescent journals, memories of the life and death of her closest friend, and leasons learned in distant travels, Jéhan Òsanyìn spins and engaging story of discovery. Aided by Garvey, a golden-doodle, she brings us into her home and bravely shares unspoken truths.
This show must close April 1st. Only five performances are left. You can get your tickets at


In the Gallery: Art of Americans of African Heritage

See you at the Schmee!

Theater Schmeater | 2125 Third Ave, Seattle, WA 98121