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Who is Joe Nix?

     Joe Nix is Belltown! Joe Nix grew up observing his father and grandfather work to maintain Foss tugs and Chris Craft boats.  He watched them repair the engines and keep up the outer appearance of…

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Behind the Bar ™

BEHIND THE BAR™ A Scrumptious Concoction from Belltown by Jules Milan, Fiction Community Contributor I’m a lawyer by day and a bartender by night. Trust me; never trust a lawyer. One of my own set me up,…

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Storefronts Belltown Announces Six Sewn Sculptures and Light Boxes

Storefronts Seattle is proud to announce the expansion of our program into a brand new neighborhood. In collaboration with the Belltown Business Association and with support from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, we’re very excited to bring our arts…