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Belltown Beats: Music + Art – Friday Night This Week

Join the artists takeover of Bell Street at 3rd Avenue this Friday night from 6:00-8:30! 

Belltown Beats: Music (6:30 – 8:00 pm)

Belltown Beats: Artist Workshops in the Park (6:00 – 8:30 pm)


This year David Gould, Dylan Enright, Emma Johnson, Esmeralda Hernandez, Ethan Jack Harrington, Hannah Gorder, James Doppelhammer, Joyce Taylor, Karen Sutherland, Kellie Shepherd Moeller, Lindsey Willar, Paul Kuniholm, Sarah Zimmerman,  and Shirley Sing create amazing art while you watch.  Please ask the artist about their process – encaustic, acrylic paintings, fiber art, woodburning, collage, charcoal drawings, and much, much more.

Make your own art at the Inspiration Table – all ages are welcome.

Weekly preview of two artists….

Shirley Sing

Shirley, a gritty, hardcore representational painter grabs her inspiration from Pollock and Basquiat.  Her new series combines violence and mayhem into a structural disorder of art.  They are painted from her imagination of ordinary people.
She has enjoyed painting from her early days in New York’s Lower Eastside-hobnobbing with friends old and new.  Shirley can recall those party-esque days as forgiving and fun.   Now with a new location and atmosphere, she paints her sadness and grief  into a free form of art.  A tribute to her dream of a peaceful world in a universe of good.
Shirley is a self-taught artist seen in many private collections- local and national.  She enjoys commissions, as well.  Presently, she paints from her studio located in Belltown



Paul Kuniholm

Paul Kuniholm has operated his art studio at 2407 1st Avenue in Belltown for more than ten years.  He has participated in public art projects for the Seattle Parks Department (2005) and was a recipient of a City Artist grant from Seattle (2015).  Community engagement is a fundamental component of my artwork demonstrated over 20+ years of creating art and cultural experiences for the public.

I will create sculptures while working in Belltown Park for a range of consumers; $20-2700.  I have for the last several years been creating Unicorn sculptures.I have placed these public art sculptures with several city governments from Olympia WA to San Rafael CA.  For the Belltown Park summer project, I will create IRL community and extend into the interweb community by welcoming visitors to my booth to take a selfie with Bella, the Belltown Park Unicorn.  It will bring a friendly traffic to Belltown Park, shall we say, it will nurture a certain COMM-unicorn-ITY?  We can.

Artists from Prior Weeks

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson was born and raised in the mountains of Arizona (contrary to popular belief, the state is not just sand and cacti) where she would spend her days either drawing and making stories with her little sister, or exploring the pine forests and creeks near her neighborhood.  Her earliest memories include watching Scooby Doo and trying to figure out how cartoons were made (fun fact: cartoons are made with the tears of animators) and drawing on the furniture. As long as she can remember, she wanted to be an artist; so when she finally escaped…er, graduated high school in 2014, she moved north to study Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Seattle.  Climate shock aside, Emma has enjoyed living in Seattle for the past 2 years; the city and its culture have offered new experiences and inspiration for her to absorb.


Ethan Jack Harrington

Ethan Jack Harrington has been painting professionally for 25 years.  He is primarily a plein air oil painter and can be seen around Seattle on a regular basis set up with his French easel painting views of local recognizable landmarks.  He is the owner and operator of Harrington Fine Art at 2513 5th Avenue in Belltown between Vine and Wall streets.

He is a regular ‘live painter’ and demonstrator for Era Living retirement homes.  I enjoy sharing my process with onlookers as I paint.  I have also demonstrated and taught workshops through Daniel Smith Art Supplies.  My most interesting workshop included hosting a group of student painters in Southern France several years ago.

Music for June 23rd

Kim Archer

Kim Archer is known for her raw, powerhouse performances, Kim Archer has attracted a large and loyal following of fans with her vocally-driven soulful rock and honest songwriting. Whether she’s playing a premier venue with her tight band, or an intimate club for a solo show, Archer never disappoints.  With guitar in hand she commands the stage playing her own original songs, or conjuring up a whole new vibe on vintage hits so that they sound fresh and wonderfully different.

Music for June 16th

Birch Pereira and Jason Goessl of Birch Goessl of The Gin Joints

Birch Pereira & Jason Goessl of Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints will be performing their own brand of swing/country/rock ‘n roll revival at Bell Street Park. Their sound takes any listener back to the speakeasy era, embodying an enjoyable sound of nostalgia. Having won the Emerging Artist award in the 2015 Earshot Jazz Golden Ear, Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints are a band to see and to dance to.



Full list of musicians below.

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